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Focal Therapy

What is focal therapy?

There are various types of treatment to deal with prostate cancer such as radical or robotic prostatectomy, radiotherapy among others. However, these treatments can have multiple side effects as the whole prostate gland is treated

Focal therapy only treats the cancer inside the prostate gland. Focal Laser Therapy is a local treatment method that has shown promising results.

This technique involves using laser light that is placed directly into the tumour causing tissue destruction by heating. The photothermic effect is the result of the absorption of radiant energy by the prostate tissue, inducing a very high temperature in a very short period of time. The increase in temperature causes irreversible cellular damage. The extent of thermal damage is measured both by the temperature reached and the time that heating is maintained. Protein denaturation and cell death will occur at temperatures above 60 ° C and macroscopically well-defined areas of necrosis will appear surrounded by a small haemorrhagic ring.

To carry out laser focal ablation treatment, positioning and planning is necessary to determine where and how much of the light energy is to be provided.

An anaesthetic is provided and a laser trocar (needle) is placed into and surrounding the lesion to be treated through a transperineal approach. After verifying its correct location, the laser trocar is activated and the treatment is carried out.