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At Medlogical Innovations, we take pride in being at the forefront of medical technological advancement. We are committed to producing medical devices that are not only cutting edge but logical in their application and used by physicians world wide. The quality of our goods and our care for those who use our products are of paramount importance. This commitment to spearhead excellence in quality and care is what drives our company.



A. Prof Celi Varol

A.Prof Celi Varol is a Urological Oncologist with specialised interest in minimally invasive cancer therapy. He graduated from University of Adelaide Medical School and Specialised in Urology.

He undertook 2 further years of sub-specialised training in Urological Oncology in Switzerland and Germany before returning back to Sydney. His clinical practice consists of robotic and minimally invasive bladder and prostate cancer therapy.

He has been performing laser surgery for prostate disease since 2003 in Australia and undertook the first minimally invasive Focal
LASER therapy trial in the Southern Hemisphere for Prostate Cancer. Even before the success of this trial he was in the development of ProFocal-Rx as treatment platform.

His ambition is to provide a global yet simple platform to effectively treat prostate cancer minimally invasively. ProFocal-Rx is being designed to treat prostate lesions and at the same time minimising the major side effects that occur with surgery or radiotherapy.


Alex Campos

Alex Campos Electrical Engineering and Masters in Biomedical Engineering degrees and has extensive expertise in Medical Instrumentation Systems and Management.

Having commenced his career within the Nucleus group of companies within Cardiac Monitoring and Ultrasonic Hyperthermia development teams. Most recently these skills have been well utilised in his role in the growth of the startup medical device companies.

For over 30 years Alex has been directly involved in Research and Development and the creation and management of Intellectual Property. As co-author of several Patents in Instrumentation and Graphics Rendering he has mentored and managed Engineering teams purposely assembled to realise these leading edge technologies into products. Combining critical analog, digital electronics, computer systems and extensive software development experience has been a highlight of an extensive R&D career undertaken within a demanding Medical Device context.

Alex has performed executive roles as Director Design and Development, VP Engineering, Market Development Management and Engineering Management. Blending both practical engineering and commercial management expertise Alex has also held board level directorships.


Dean Hickey

Dean joined Medlogical Innovations as Chief Marketing Officer in 2023, bringing a wealth of experience spanning 15 years of marketing and commercialisation across FMCG, Healthcare and Medical Devices. His educational background includes a BSc in Physiology from University College Cork, and an MSc in Marketing from UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, Ireland.

Throughout his career Dean has gained extensive experience in new product development, and has a proven track record of developing and implementing successful product launch strategies at global, regional and country level.

Equipped with a broad marketing skillset and intuitive commercial acumen, Dean is motivated by working on new technologies that can profoundly impact quality of life and health outcomes. He’s excited to work together with the Medlogical Innovations team to drive meaningful change in the management of prostate cancer globally.


Ryan Lindstrom

Ryan Lindstrom joined the team at Medlogical Innovations in 2023 as the Head of Quality, with his extensive experience in establishing and maintaining quality systems for manufacturers within the medical device industry. His background is anchored in biochemistry, with a degree in Medical Science where he graduated with honours and a place on the Dean’s Merit List from the University of Western Sydney.

Ryan has experience in leading teams and establishing the processes and facilities necessary to bring products from concept to market. With product quality and safety being of critical importance to Medlogical Innovations, Ryan is excited to build and implement processes that will ensure that Medlogical Innovations’ teams, products and customers can achieve the best outcomes.


Shaun Atchison

Shaun joined the team at Medlogical Innovations in 2024 as Production Manager. He holds a degree in Industrial Chemistry (Hons) and a doctorate in Polymer and Electrochemistry from the University of New South Wales.

Shaun is an experienced manager who has worked in the fields of biotechnology, injectable hormone delivery systems for animals, polymer and resin chemistry, fluid dispensing and extraction technology.

He has a background in product and process development, manufacturing systems, validation, formulation and quality management.


Tony Richardson

As a Science graduate, Tony began his professional journey in Switzerland, where he focused on designing automated analytical chemistry measurement systems. As he delved deeper into electronics design, he presented numerous papers on the subject and quickly established himself as an expert in the field.

Tony's career path then led him to bio-medical electronics, where he gained valuable experience in designing hearing implant devices, CPAP ventilators, and circulatory flow enhancement machines. He also branched out into the design of space craft and submarine test systems, expanding his expertise and skillset.

Outside of work, Tony is an avid sailor who has even circumnavigated the North Island of New Zealand. As a hobby, he enjoys designing sensors to enhance the performance of sailing yachts. Tony's passion for innovation and excellence makes him an invaluable member of the Medlogical Innovations team.


Anthony Yong

Anthony joined Medlogical Innovations in August 2019 with an impressive list of academic achievements. He graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering, and a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

He had previously spent 4 years in a medical device contract manufacturing company specialising in Quality Control and Assurance as well as Production Management.

Anthony thrives on challenges, processes and development. He feels strongly about working in a field where he can contribute to society in a beneficial manner. “I’m good with numbers, have a high level of attention to detail, and love making things; which makes me perfect for a design and development Engineer role.

Biomedicine is an upcoming field and there’s great future growth there. It’s very exciting to be with a company that is creating innovative real life changing ideas into reality”.


Nusreen Ispahany

Nusreen is a highly skilled biomedical engineer who has dedicated their career to improving patient care and advancing the field of biomedical engineering. Their early career was focused on cardiac technologies, working on the design and development of implantable ventricular assist devices.

Nusreen has made significant contributions to both the medical device manufacturing industry and the healthcare sector. They are currently working on prostate technologies, applying their knowledge and skills to develop new medical technologies that will improve patient outcomes.

In addition to their work in the medical device industry, Nusreen has also worked in hospitals, where they have applied their expertise to improve patient care. They have worked closely with healthcare professionals to develop and implement new medical technologies and improve the performance of existing ones.

Throughout their career, Nusreen has been dedicated to improving the lives of patients with diseases treatable with medical devices and advancing the field of biomedical engineering. Their expertise and passion for developing life-saving technologies has earned them the respect and admiration of their peers in both the medical device manufacturing industry and the healthcare sector.


Michael Hecht

Michael is a highly skilled software engineer who brings a wealth of experience to the team at Medlogical Innovations. He received his Diploma of Electrical Engineering from the Professional College of Hamburg, Germany, before embarking on a successful career in the semiconductor industry, where he designed and tested bipolar and MOS circuitries at companies including Philips Semiconductors in Hamburg and Zurich, Switzerland, and AWA Microelectronics in Sydney, Australia.

Driven by his personal interest in object-oriented software engineering and design, Michael made the switch to developing MS Windows applications. Prior to joining our team, he gained experience in a variety of industries, including 3D modeling for orthopedic surgical planning and simulation applications, patient positioning for oncological Proton Therapy, school and university administration, colorimetry applications, hearing aids applications, and photo finishing applications.

Michael's diverse background has given him a unique perspective and a comprehensive understanding of software engineering, enabling him to provide innovative solutions.


Linda Zeniou

Linda Zeniou is a mechanical engineer from New Zealand with a passion for the medical device industry. Linda began her journey in the industry by being involved in a medical device start-up out of university that utilized continuous fiber 3D printing technology to create prosthetic limbs.

Linda honed her skills and knowledge for six years at Fisher and Paykel Healthcare as a process development engineer. There, she was responsible for developing, testing, and improving various manufacturing processes for medical devices that help to enhance the lives of patients globally.

Recently, Linda decided to take on a new challenge and has moved to Sydney to work at Medlogical Innovations. She is dedicated to contributing to the advancement of the medical device industry and is always striving to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to ensure the highest quality in her work.


Jacqui Orme

Jacqui Orme is a highly motivated and passionate Mechanical engineer with years of experience in the field of medical devices. She completed her Masters in Biomedical Engineering at the University of New South Wales where she was awarded the UNSW all-rounder scholarship, the Honourable Jack Beale scholarship, the DSTO scholarship for Females in Science and Engineering, and the Engineering Student Service award.

Jacqui first began working in the medical device industry as a production technician for ReSound and then Nanosonics. From this experience she has gained a unique understanding of how to design devices that simplify manufacturing and maintenance processes. While studying, she completed an internship at Cochlear and with the Land Human Systems group with the Australian Defence Force. Before Medlogical Innovations, Jacqui has spent the last 4 years working for Defence Science and Technology Group, designing test equipment for underwater robots. Jacqui is thrilled to be back in the medical device space as she is dedicated to improving quality of life through exciting and innovative products.


Jonathan Hribar

Jonathan Hribar is an Embedded Software Engineer specialising in the development, fabrication, and commercialisation of medical devices. With a degree in Mechatronic Engineering and a Masters of Biomedical Engineering, Jonathan possesses a unique skill set that combines expertise in robotics, embedded systems, computer vision, and their applications in biomedical systems.

Passionate about driving innovation, Jonathan excels in developing robust embedded software solutions for medical devices. His strong background in developing point-of-care diagnostic devices and wearable medical devices showcases his ability to contribute to cutting-edge technologies that enhance patient care and improve healthcare outcomes.

Committed to making a positive impact, Jonathan is dedicated to the entire product development life cycle, from conceptualisation to commercialisation. His collaborative approach and ability to navigate complex challenges make him invaluable asset in the pursuit of cutting-edge MedTech solutions.


Lea Tumabotabo

Lea Tumabotabo is a Software Engineer who obtained a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of the Philippines. She has years of experience in software development and telecommunications protocol. Throughout her years, she has obtained specialized knowledge in 4G and 5G network protocol, architecture, and carrier acceptance testing. She also had the experience of leading and mentoring a team of engineers throughout the software development life cycle – assessment of requirements and specifications, development and debugging, product release, and maintenance. Lea really enjoys trying and learning new things. She’s interested on working on things geared towards improvement and innovation. Now working in the medical devices industry, she finds it exciting to be able to work on something that could change people's lives.

Ergun Sagin

Ergun Sagin is a highly experienced laser technician with over 18 years of experience in servicing and maintaining surgical lasers in both private and public hospitals throughout Australia. He received his training from Trimedyne in Los Angeles, USA, and has since developed a reputation as a skilled and dedicated professional in the field.

Ergun is thrilled to be part of the great team at Medlogical Innovations, where he is able to utilize his expertise . With a deep understanding of both high and low powered surgical lasers, Ergun has earned the trust and respect of his colleagues. He is passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and advancements in the field, and is always seeking out new ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of his work.